Spring Birds: When Does Spring Migration Begin in New England?

Spring Birds: When Does Spring Migration Begin in New England?

March is the start of Spring Migration for Birds in New England

You have probably heard the geese flying overhead as they head back to their summer spots. Here in New England, with spring right around the corner, we will start to see a variety of snowbirds returning to summer in our lovely neck of the woods. Many specie will be trickling in over March and April, however, May marks the beginning of the season for our most colorful migrants. Scarlet Tanagers, Yellow Warblers, melodious Wood Thrushes, and a host of other species.

Make sure you are ready to great them with freshwater and food. The Bird Store and More, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers many ways to attract returning birds to your yard. Birdbaths, seed, food, and houses will give these travelers rest and nourishment that they are searching for after a long trip.

The scale of bird migration is ao huge, that you can watch it unfold across entire regions on the radar. Doppler radar, normally used to detect weather patterns, regularly picks up “clouds” of migrating birds, allowing scientists to study migration patterns on a continental scale. Attracting these birds to your yard is one of the joys of spring. You never know who might stop by. Your yard can become a gathering place for warblers, orioles, grosbeaks, and other goodies. Look for these colorful visitors in the highest parts of trees, but also around dense cover like thickets. But the real key is waking up early. Most migrants are active just after dawn.

The Bird Store and More

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