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Seed Saver Cards are available in the month of October. Load it with any amount of money you would like and when you purchase seed any time during the year and pay for it with your seed saver card you will receive a discounted seed price.

It’s a seed sale without having to store your seed.

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Bird Baths for Back Yard Birds

New England is in the middle of a heat wave and summer has just started. Our backyard bird friends are looking for water. If you don’t have a bird bath or bird dripper, they will hang out elsewhere. So keep them flying in with a cool water supply. Come to The Bird Store and More to find colorful,

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Small Business Saturday | Bird Supplies

Small business Saturday is all about promoting and supporting your local small businesses. Here at the Bird Store and More, we continue to offer you the best deals on bird supplies as well as great information on attracting and caring for your backyard bird friends.

Please keep our economy going by buying at the small business near you.

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Gifts for the Holidays at The Bird Store and More

Looking for gifts for the holidays but tired of the same old thing? You’ll love our affordable unique gifts for everyone on your list! The Bird Store and More offer something for everyone at great prices. From children’s books and games to feeders and baths for your favorite bird watchers,

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Night Owl Christmas at The Bird Store and More

Night Owl Christmas is December 8th 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Our Annual Night Owl Christmas is Friday, Dec. 8, 2017
Time: 6:30 – 9:00pm
Come and be a “Night Owl” with us at our Night Owl Christmas Open House.
Join us for some great food,

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Importance of Cleaning Your Bird Feeders and Baths Before Winter

It’s important to clean your bird feeders and baths, especially before the winter season arrives. Harmful diseases and bacteria will grow even in cold weather. Before it gets too cold and snows, take the time to clean your bird feeders to cut back on spreading diseases and sickness that will harm our backyard bird friends.

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Solitary Bees

Spring Mason Bees & Summer Leafcutter Bees Why Raise These Gentle Bees More…

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Baby Bird Fell Out of Nest

baby blue jay

This is the time of year that we find baby birds that fell out of their nest. The urge to rescue the bird can be very overwhelming. You might feel the poor little thing is unable to defend itself and you worry some animal will come along and make it a meal.

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Christmas Bird Count Results


Dana Sector 2014 stats   |   strbtot years to 2014


Results from the Sturbridge Christmas Bird Count

Click on the STRBTOT link at the top of the page to view results.

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Winter Bird Baths, Bird Feed and Bird Supplies


In the winter months, your feathered friends will need a little extra care and attention as the colder weather sets in, and snow covers the ground. Birds like all creatures feel the chill in the air so why not surprise them with a heated birdbath to rest those aching wings.

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas at The Bird Store! The LARGEST CUCKOO CLOCK in New England is in our Secret Garden! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT NOW